giacomo autizi 18 days ago

thank you for new exchange, very fast!!!!!

Shukhrat Nishanov 22 days ago

Very quick and super fast! Happy to be served by Changex!!!

Daysi Velasquez 28 days ago

Muchas gracias,muy honestos. Los recomiendo.

Olga Neykova 1 month ago

Спасибо, быстро и еффективно!!

giacomo autizi 1 month ago

Always speed and excellent setvice, thank you

Eimantas !!! Salala 1 month ago

TRON to PP got lest then 6h. Thank You

Reinhard Carbow 1 month ago

Always to my full satisfacrion!

Misser Moh 1 month ago

Great service and helpful support! Yesterday I ordered the exchange, and today I got my money. Thank you!

Anželika Rudis 2 months ago

Very very good service! Recommend for all!

Arthur Alcântara Calil 2 months ago

Excelent service. I will be with them forever, just keep up the good work and you have a client for the entire life. I have a big marketing website and i will recomend this site to my visitors because of the good work.

Thuan Dinh 2 months ago

Best service!

Zacarias Costa 2 months ago

Thank you very much transfer from Payeer to Paypal cleared.

Senzokuhle Ndhlovu 3 months ago

Their service was fast.keep it up!!!!

Stefan Nogrady 3 months ago

Great exchange!!! I use Z-Cash to PayPal and I love the clear and easy to see breakdown of all the fees and the exact amount I will receive. Fast exchange as well!!! Thanks for the great work guys!

Misser Moh 3 months ago

Excellent: Great and helpful support, fast transactions within 24 hours (excluding non business days)

Misser Moh 4 months ago

Excellent! Payment received within 24 hours. Thanks!

Prashant Sharma 4 months ago

i received my payment for the first time.. feeling very happy :) thank you !

Irakli Mosashvili 5 months ago

Sometimes it takes 3 days to make LTC->PayPal but transaction is always superb with very small fee

Vilma Bellucci 5 months ago

received, thank you

Roman Ushcherbov 5 months ago

Чрезвычайно быстрый обмен между Payza USD и ЯМ. Благодарю!

rajendra prasad kasarla 5 months ago

i received my payment thank you very much

rajendra prasad kasarla 5 months ago

i received my payment very fast .thank you very much

Valdir Silva 5 months ago

My first experience was very good. Fast Transaction.

giacomo autizi 5 months ago

great service, very speed, thank you for new change

saowachai riabsumrej 5 months ago

very good service

Kiril Tankin 5 months ago

I'm very pleased with your service it was fast and simple. Thank you.

Bulat Leontev 6 months ago

Супер! Обмен прошел за пару секунд! Очень доволен и благодарен!!!

Bulat Leontev 6 months ago

Супер! Обмен произошел за пару секунд! Очень доволен и благодарен!!!

Roman feshchenko 6 months ago

Менял Payza на яндекс деньги, обмен прошёл через 1.5 дня (Payza долго проверяет платёж).

Eren Jougue 6 months ago

very good service and very fast