Which e-currencies to use?

Advanced Cash

Advanced Cash is online payment system which provides its own electronic currency for online payments.It is easy to use and is the advantageous option for most of businesses.Advanced Cash crosses the line of 20 years of services in international finance and electronic payments. The payment system provides deposit and withdrawal methods that are fast and affordable exactly where you are.

Advanced Cash provides:

  •         Availability of all transactions and key features within 1-2 clicks.
  •         Multi-level security.
  •         Instant card loads, including loads to cards of other users.
  •         Four currencies within a single account.
  •         Virtual and plastic cards.

You can:

  •         Fund youraccount and make payments using the currency that works best for you. Choosefrom USD, GBP, EUR, and RUB.
  •         Send fast transfers to existing Visa/MC cards around the world, to other users, and email addresses.

Two options:


Free internaltransfers. Plenty of deposit and withdrawal methods. Minimal fees, new featuresand options added regularly. Basic fees:

  •         Top up ofe-currencies for personal and business account: 0% - 3.9%.
  •         Withdraw ife-currencies for personal and business account: 0% - 1.5%.


Safe online shopping,easy withdrawals in ATMs all over the world with low FX fees and no cardmonthly fees. Basic fees:

  •         Funding E-wallet> Card for plastic and virtual cards - $/€ 0.99
  •         ATM Withdrawal –$/€ 1.99

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eCoin.cc is a system of momentary transfers of monetary funds online. The funds can be transferred within the system from one client’s account to another one. You can pay for online services such as web-design or web-hosting.

eCoin.cc helps users to receive paper checks from foreign partnership programs, or to receive other money transfers done in the form of a paper check. The checks are cashed in a US bank. It takes 2-5 banking days to cash a check.

eCoin.cc facilitates cashing bank transfers. This option will help those who need to receive a bank transfer, and who don’t have a personal bank account. eCoin.cc will receive a bank transfer onto its bank account, and after that you will be able to request your funds to be withdrawn in any way convenient for you such as a plastic bank debit card, WebMoney, ePassporte, and other kinds of e-currencies. This operation is available for registered users only.

Basic fees


  •          Paper check - 1.4% MIN 5.00 $;
  •          EURO bank / IBAN - 0.8% MIN 40.00 $;
  •          from WebMoney purse to ATM card - 1.4% MIN 1.00 $;
  •          Paxum - 1.99% MIN 1.00 $;
  •          BTC-e.com coupon - 1% MIN 0.00 $;
  •          ADVCASH - 1% MIN 0.00 $.


  •          to ATM card - $ 0.00;
  •          to bank account - $ 50.00;
  •          to WebMoney - 1.3% MIN 1.00 $;
  •          to Paxum - $ 1.4% MIN 1.00 $;
  •          BTC-e.com coupon - 1% MIN 1.00 $;
  •          to VISA or MasterCard issued by another bank - 3.2% + 7 USD;
  •          to ADVCASH       $ - 1% MIN 0.00 $.

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Exmo Codes is cryptocurrencytrading platform and provides following options:

  •         Fast deposits and withdrawals. Funds will be credited to your account right aftermaking a deposit. Withdrawals are quick and are executed automatically.
  •         Security. SSL,2 factor authentication, Trusted IP, Encrypted system in cold wallets.
  •         Low Commissions.Offering the lowest commissions on trades, deposits and withdrawals on the market.
  •         User-Friendly Interface. Straight-forward interface allows you to easily and comfortably work from your wallet, to trade, exchange, make transactions,and store your cryptocurrency.

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MoneyPolo is a payment system which provides flexible, affordable, universal, and with Pay-As-You-Go options as standard across all products.

5 main products of MoneyPolo:


o   Cash transfers within 15 mins;

o   More than 130 countries worldwide;

o   Via more than 400,000 branches.


o   No Credit Checks;

o   No hidden fees;

o   Security. Chip and PIN protection and has no link toyour bank account.

o   Discreet payments. Only you know what you have spentyour money on.

o   Private and Business. Equally effective andconvenient for both private and company usage.

o   Various Currencies. Available in EUR, USD and GBP.


o   Pay Bills. Pay your invoices and bills, makedomestic payments, top up your mobile phone.

o   Manage Cards. Manage your MoneyPolo prepaid cards.

o   Load Cards. Top-up any Visa or MasterCard cards issued globally.

o   Flexible. Use flexible payment schemes.

o   No hidden fees.


o   The MoneyPolo Multi-Currency Account offers truly international money transfer services with 100+ currencies supported in just one online account.


o   Offering currency exchange in all major international currencies, and also in a wide range of developing countries’currencies.

§  You can check the current rate immediately before your currency exchange.

§  Use your MoneyPolo Multi-Currency Account to place your currency exchange order and get your funds automatically converted with no additional fees.

§  Experience MoneyPolo Forex Services as another way to ensure you find the most convenient and cost-effective currency exchange available.

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Okpay is payment processor with vast practical experience in the field of electronic commerce,financial software development, product marketing, and sales via the Internet.The origins of expertise in e-currency and payment processing date back at least to the year 2000.

OKPAY holds hard currency reserves to back up its entire system. The company owns offshore bank accounts that store hard currency in the amount that corresponds to the total amount of clients' funds in their OKPAY accounts.

Business Services:

·        Payment systems:

o   Credit Cards;

o   E-Wallets;

o   Bank Transfers;

o   Cryptocurrencies;

o   Mobile Payments;

o   Payment Kiosks;

o   Money Transfers;

o   Retail Stores.

·        Global Payouts:

o   Freelance and outsourcing payments;

o   Affiliate network payroll;

o   Supplier payments;

o   Mass disbursements;

o   Customer refunds;

o   Adult business and gambling payouts.

·        Digital Wallet:

o   Send Money;

o   Receive Money;

o   Request Money;

o   Manage Statistics;

o   Exchange Currencies;

o   Automate Payments.

·        International Online Banking Service:

o   Fund Your Wallet;

o   Withdraw Money;

o   Exchange Currencies;

o   Cash Cheques.

Personal Services:

·        Payment Cardis intended for ordering, maintaining and linking bank cards of internationalcard associations (Visa, MasterCard, UnionPay, etc.) that can be used by OKPAYclients to withdraw funds from their e-wallets.

o   Pay for goods and services online;

o   Make purchases at retail stores;

o   Withdraw cash from an ATM.

·        International and Local Cash Transfers:

o   Send cash

§  Transfers arrive within hours

§  Fees as low as 1%

§  Transfers in USD and EUR

§  Available in over 70 countries

o   Receive cash

§  Transfers arrive within hours

§  No fees

§  Transfers in USD and EUR

§  Available in over 70 countries

·        Digital Wallet:

o   Send Money;

o   Receive Money;

o   Get a payment card;

o   Request money;

o   Exchange currencies;

o   Automate payments.

·        Exclusive Offers and Promotions:

o   Get special limited-time deals from partners whenyou pay with OKPAY.

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Payeer is global multi-payment system that started its activity in 2012.

The basic services provided by the payment system are:

  • money transfers all around the world. Now, anyone willing to send money to foreign country has an opportunity to do that as fast as possible. Thereat, apart from internal transfers, transactions can be completed to any other external accounts;
  • with the help of the Payeer payment system, customer has an option to withdraw funds to bankcard or exchange currencies;
  • there is such a feature inside the system called Mass Payments API. The feature suits perfectly well for online shops. Payeer offers around 150 various means to complete international payments;
  • extended options for trading platforms;
  • automatic payment option to different bank accounts. This is very convenient for the owners of online shops.

Apart from the opportunity to make transfers, exchange currencies, make payouts and many other things, Payeer payment system gives opportunity to earn money with the help of affiliate program of its own, as well as to install and setup the currency exchange feature on the target website.

The wallet management,issuing invoices and managing virtual cards can be easily done with the help of the API.

The security of every transaction on the Payeer website is guaranteed by a well-thought code protection, one needs to enter before the receiver takes his money.

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PayPal Inc., a subsidiary of online auctioneer eBay, Inc., provides users exchanging funds via the Internet in the development of electronic commerce. By obtaining a PayPal account, consumers and businesses may send and receive payments via e-mail.PayPal users make payments securely online using credit cards or bank transfers, as well as by maintaining funds in personal PayPal accounts.

PayPal features:

  • Shop on eBay. Buy or bid instantly. Purchases are being processed on eBay in an easy and more secure way.
  • Protected. Pay for goods using your PayPal account and get covered by Buyer Protection on eligible items. Conditions apply.
  • Send money online or with your mobile. Send money to almost anyone with an email address.You can send all around the world and they’ll be delighted to get your message.Currency conversion fees may apply.
  • Request a payment. If you sold an item or provided a service, you can send a payment request in just a few clicks and get your payment quickly and more securely.
  • Shop around the world. With a PayPal account you can shop at thousands of stores around the world in just a few easy clicks, knowing your full financial information isn’t shared with the sellers. Currency conversion fees may apply


PaySera is a licensed e-money institution which develops the international payment system"Paysera".

PaySera provides following services:

  • Global transfers at local rates. Transfer money anywhere in the world at your local rates.
  • Currency exchange. Manage your single Paysera account in different currencies. Collect,pay, and keep money in several currencies at a time.
  • Affiliate program. The more friends of yours use the services, the bigger reward you receive. No money limits are applied to commissions you receive. You receive as much, as you earn through the program.
  • Bank link. You can receive all payments via the Paysera banklink directly to your account. See all income in real time.
  • Payment gateway.Offering many options of payments in different countries and in different currencies. All payments go instantly to your Paysera account. No need for many bank accounts and effort to administer them.

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Payza is online payment processing company. It operates almost same like Paypal, so it comes as an exclusive alternative for countries and people who cannot have access to Paypal.

Payza lets you send and receive money instantly almost anywhere in the world. Over 190 countries and 21 currencies are supported. There are two types of account on which one should be chosen when registering:

  • Personal: This is much better bill in cash constraints disappear. Whatever may be the movement of money and credit card may be used. You will be able to send and receive money, deposit or withdraw funds and exchange your currency with Payza.
  • Business:Business account is for organizations and people web-shop. There is no limit for any movement of money. You will have access for such options as in-page checkout, shopping cart integration, corporate disbursements, online invoicing and other.

Payza Products and Services:

  • Debit and credit card processing
  • ACH transfers
  • Bitcoin transfers
  • Localized remittance platform (SimplySend BD)
  • Multi-currency support
  • Referral program

Basic fees:

  • Receive funds for personal and business accounts – 2.9% + 0.3$/Eur.
  • Add funds with credit card for personal and business accounts – 5.00%.
  • Withdraw funds with credit card – varies.

You can deposit Payza account with Credit Card, BTC or via Bank Wire. Payza payment system is very popular within online shops which makes it easier to pay for goods and services.

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Perfect Money

Perfect money is electronic payment system which started operating in 2008. The system is loyal to HYIPs that is why many of them use it as an alternative currency for accepting deposits. You can create two types of accounts in the system:Personal for private persons and Business for commercial establishments.

The system offers internal currency conversion. If necessary, you can exchange the currency available in your account for other currency at the internal system rates.

You can deposit intoyour Perfect Money account in our exchanger via bank transfer (depositingPerfect Money via Wire Transfer) or exchange it from other e-currency withexchanger’s service.

Basic fees:

  • Deposit fees via wire – from 0%.
  • Internal transfers:

o   premium account - 0.5%;

o   verified account - 0.5%;

o   unverified account - 1.99%;

  • Withdrawal fees via wire – from 2.85% + bank fee.

The system provides 3 measures of account protection which can be used at your sole discretion.

1. IP checking. In case of trying to access the account from IP address that doesn't belong to the user the account is blocked and the e-mail with security code is sent to the user.There is no possibility to create the list of trusted IPs.

2. «SMS authorization»(the code needed to log into the system will be sent to your mobile number).The service is paid; it costs $0,1 for one message.

3. «Code card». The user receives on the e-mail address the card with graphical image of the code.To confirm the transaction, the system sends the user an inquiry about random issuing the code from this card.

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The Single EuroPayments Area (SEPA) is a system that is designed to create financial efficiency for countries using the euro by providing a unified system in which to perform financial transactions.

SEPA guarantees that euro payments are received within a guaranteed time, and banks are not allowed to make any deductions of the amount transferred, introduced by a regulation in year 2001.

SEPA is an initiativeof the European banking industry that will make all electronic payments acrossthe euro area – e.g. by credit card, debit card, bank transfer or direct debit– as easy as domestic payments within one country are now.

SEPA benefits, first and foremost, payment service providers customersincluding consumers, businesses and public administrations. Once SEPA isachieved, it will be possible to exchange euro payments between any accountswithin SEPA as easily as it is within national borders today.

The implementation of innovative and competitive SEPA payment services translates into efficiency gains for businesses and public administrations.Common standards, faster settlement and simplified processing will improve cash flow, reduce costs and facilitate access to new markets. Consumers can rely on a single set of euro payment instruments throughout SEPA: one payment account,one payment card, one SEPA Credit Transfer (SCT) and one SEPA Direct Debit(SDD). Moreover, customers will enjoy benefits resulting from increased competition in the payments market.


Skrill is an e-commerce business that allows payments and money transfers to be made through the Internet, with a focus on low-cost international money transfers. The activity of payment system is started in 2001.

Customers can purchase a Skrill-branded prepaid card, linked to the account, in one of the four currencies: USD, EUR, PLN, and GBP. The company charges a 1% fee for any funds that are transferred, up to a maximum fee of 10 EUR. Skrill allows you to send funds through several different channels including MasterCard, AmericanExpress, Visa, Discover, and JCB. High-turnover customers are offered premium membership called "Skrill VIP" that includes additional features,such as a security token, multi-currency accounts and the ability to earn loyalty points.

Skrill does several things to ensure their customers’ safety. This includes:

• Requiring that you scan their passport or another form of ID, as well as show proof of address if customers reach a certain limit.

• Requires you to give a thorough account verification before releasing their funds

• Cash deposits are not allowed.

One of the most substantial advantages of using Skrill’s service is that there is no fee associated with withdrawing funds. Additionally, once money has been sent it will be transferred to the wanted destination right away.

With the advantages of using Skrill and the minimal fees, it is a cost-effective and safe way to send and receive money without giving away your private information.

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SolidTrustPay was created with purpose that anyone with an email account can send or receive SolidTrust funds. The company launched in April, 2006 and has grown to serve millions of clients worldwide. In addition to providing exceptional EWallet services, SolidTrust provides direct merchant credit card processing accounts designed for the online entrepreneur.

You can register as personal as business account.

Supported coins: BTC, USD, EUR, GBP.

Shopping Online: Purchase products and services online with ease and confidence. Your personal information is never shared.

Selling Online: Accept payments from customers safely & securely. Receive bank, BTC, credit, debit card and e-wallet transfers instantly.

Basic fees


  •          Bank Wire Transfer - $15 to $50;
  •          Direct Bank Withdrawal - $2 to $10;
  •          STP International MasterCard - $5 Standard or $5 + 2% Priority.


  •          Bank Wire Transfer - $10 to $20;
  •          Direct Bank Deposit - $2 to $10;
  •          Visa & MasterCard - 5.5% $1.50 per transaction.

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WebMoney is an innovative online payment platform which provides instant funds transfers, as well as advanced money management tools for managing your WebMoney purse.

There are a variety of options for withdrawing money from your purse, including exchange agencies and cash out points, bank wire, direct bank transfers, contact system, or the WM Card.

There are two types of account on WebMoney payment system: Personal and Business.

With personal account you can:

  • top-up;
  • pay online for services;
  • withdraw;
  • get a loan;
  • raise funds.

With business account you can:

  • accept payments;
  • make payments;
  • manage your budget;
  • manage your work;
  • transfer the funds securely.

 If you have personal attestation account on WebMoney, you are able to receive only $50 per day.

The technology offered by WebMoney is based on a set of standardized interfaces, which system participants can use for managing their valuables property rights, kept safe by specialized companies known as Guarantors. System users can register any number of WM purses with any Guarantor. All purses belong to a single user are conveniently kept in a Keeper which is assigned to the user`s WMID registration number. Valuables within the system are measured in the WebMoney units (WM).

For each transaction you will be charged a 0.8% fee of no less than 0.01 WM. The maximum transaction fees are different for each WM currency, as below:


50        50        1500    250

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